In 2003 and 2004 a number of cocoa processing and chocolate producing companies developed, together with the SOL (Dutch National Fund for training in Foodindustry) and Aequor (the knowledge and communication centre for food and environment), an educational scheme via Internet for these industries. The participation of the VBZ (Association for the Baking and Confectionary industry) allows also employees from other branches to organise similar “tailor made” educational schemes.

The previously developed and now fully actualised Cocoa & Chocolate Manual is now online available and will be updated yearly. Process- as well as product-knowledge is dealt with and can be tested through “Questions & Answers”. The educational scheme is developed for employees working on the MBO-levels 1-3. Individual companies can fit in their own company specific information with their own controlled link.

Test-questions & Answers
Tests can be carried out per Chapter. The participant can do a (limited) number of trial tests. The official test has to be made under supervision in a separate room.

This project was carried out with the help of update knowledge and experience from the participating companies and was subsidised from the EZ – Innovation program Scholingsimpuls. A testgroup of employees and supervisors follows the scheme:

  1. Zero-measurement (knowledge per employee per company is determined before login (use) on this website).
  2. Employees answer under supervision test-questions after having studied the site content (during or outside working time).
  3. Each participant (employee) obtain a number of practical questions with and individual testing scheme.
  4. Each supervisor is informed on his/her supervising duties.
  5. The supervisors of the testgroup are trained to become (internal) assessor.
  6. Per participant an assessment is carried out supervised by a certifying body.
  7. Per participant it is determined which official (partial)certificates are taken (also other competencies may be valued, when demonstrable).
  8. Per participant an education advice is formulated for possible additional education to obtain level improvement MBO levels 1-3) te komen. Each MBO level consists of a number of coherent (partial)certificates (see 7.)

Interested? Contact!
You can have a look at the first pages of each Chapter without Login code. To test your knowledge you can make a trial test. When yoy are interested in getting access to this e-learning website, you have to contact the SOL or Aequor or you fill out and send the form below. For questions on this educational scheme you can contact the persons below.
Stichting Opleidingsfonds Levensmiddelenindustrie SOL
- Liesbeth (E.W.M.) Rutjes (l.rutjes@sol-online.nl)

Aequor, kennis- en communicatiecentrum voedsel en leefomgeving
- Ton (T.W.M.) Verhaeg (tverhaeg@aequor.nl)