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3.1.4 Maintenance of the press

The cocoa press is a complex and extremely expensive piece of machinery which, depending on the type, can cost anything between 0.6 and 0.8 million Euro per piece including peripheral equipment. Adequate maintenance and servicing is clearly essential for guaranteeing its long life.
Maintenance of the press includes minor repairs such as regular replacement of filter screens and felt cords as well as cleaning of the press, but also an occasional major overhaul to ensure maximum technical performance. Checks should include testing the pressing temperature, the pressure of the hydraulic system (and possible leakage), the pneumatic system, the (optimum) closing of the press, as well as ultrasonic examination of the columns constantly exposed to heavy pressure.

Adequate maintenance and permanent checks are also required from a safety point of view. As pressing involves extremely high pressures, every company in the pressing industry has strict regulations that its staff have to carefully observe.

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