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2.1.1 Receiving of the beans

After the beans have been fermented and dried on the plantation they are bagged in 60 kg jute sacks for transport to the coast or to local cocoa processors. Beans destined for export are usually repacked in new jute sacks or in “big bags” which are used for bulk transport before the cocoa beans are loaded as bulk goods into special containers or into ships’ holds. The consignments arrive at the processing plant in bags or as bulk goods in containers, trucks or ships.

By the manner of fermenting and drying in the origin countries it can not be excluded that the beans are contaminated with all kinds of impurities. Regularly all sorts of utensils are found in beans as well as metal particles and floor sweepings like stones, sand and pieces of wood. Therefore the cocoa beans have to be cleaned before they enter the production process.

The beans out of bags or from bulk transport are led over a coarse-mesh grate or sieve to remove large non-cocoa components and bean clusters that may also damage internal means of conveyance. When the beans are not pre-weighed, weighing will take place on arrival before storage in silos.

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